Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October Fun!

Can you believe it's October already?!  Where has this year gone?!  As of today, we're finally seeing some mild temperatures which for here, in the desert, means temps in the double digits instead of triple.  As much as I'm a summer girl and love warm weather, I can safely say I'm ready now for Fall!

A very close friend of mine just flew into town today and is staying for the week.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to see her until Friday after work but I'm very much looking forward to it!  It will be nice to do some catching up and spend time together, especially since she just went through ( or shall I say 'going through') a recent break-up with a long term partner.  She was truly there for me to give support and encouragement through my divorce so I'll try like hell to return the favor for such a wonderful friend that she has been over the past 10 years.

In other non-related, graphic news, I have a bit of a dilemma currently in the world of 'woman-hood'.  I seem to have a mysterious period currently that has warranted a bit of extra concern.  Skip forward here if you believe in such a thing as 'too much information' or 'TMI'.  I've passed extremely large blood clots over the past couple of days in conjunction with some heavier than usual cramps.  I typically have non-eventful periods but for some reason, this one is like a wrecking ball straight to the girly bits.  I'm going to wait it out a day or two and see what happens but if this massacre type activity continues, I may pay a trip to the ER.  With PCOS, it's likely that's part of the culprit and a period every now and then that is out of the norm is probably typical so it's not too much of a concern yet.  At least...I can still function, that is.

As for my previous blog entry about my apparent 'smothering' episode, I'm fairly certain that is over now.  Maybe it was a moment of weakness or perhaps the PMS-like gibberish that spews forth from one's mouth when the period from hell is about to start, hell, I don't know but it's over now.  We had a great talk, and I do mean GREAT (thank you to my wonderful family therapist I saw last year who helped me to truly speak my feelings) and things are back on course with my man and I.  I just can't begin to explain how lucky I am to have him in my life.  He's so supportive despite my rollercoaster-type of ups and downs this year and I truly love that he's always there for encouragement and support.  Far more than I could ever ask for someone to be in the past. 

Oh, I've forgotten to mention this in the past few blog entries but there are some blogs that I read that I just cannot seem to comment on!  It drives me nuts!  So, if you don't seem to hear much from me, then I probably just cannot leave a comment on your blog.  Poo.  I'm so sorry but I truly try to keep up with you and the happenings in your lives.  That's all for now, friends!


erin said...

I hope you are feeling better and that everything is ok! <3

Christine said...

So happy to hear you are doing well. Sounds like you've found a good guy :)