Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Found Happiness Again

The title says it all.  These days it seems that things are turning around for me and coming together so nicely, it almost feels surreal.  I've been living back in California now for nearly 7 months and the difference between present day and 7 months ago is so drastically different -- I feel amazing and humbled by everything I've been through and overcome. 

I have several things going for me right now.  I am nearly debt-free and by "debt-free" I mean ZERO credit card balance (which isn't overly outlandish anyway) and my SUV that will be fully paid off in July.  I am slotted tentatively for my oral comprehensive exam in late July and my current (and last) class required for my Master's degree is surprisingly easy and will be over with in mid-July.  When these obstacles are finally overcome and done, I can finally focus 100% on me which is something I haven't gotten to do in a very long time.  I would like to begin house hunting later this year, provided the market is still at bottom.  It sounds silly, but in my own little world, I feel like I'm almost to the top of Mt. Everest!  I should also add that I have lost 26 pounds over the past year which has been a huge accomplishment for me.  Having PCOS makes weight loss really hard but I'm now one pound shy of my initial goal.  I plan to add on another 10 pounds to my goal since I still carry some unwanted flab around the mid-section.  But, all and all, I'm so ecstatic to have reached my first weight-loss goal and I feel great!

Thankfully, I've had some amazing friends to lean on for support through this rough journey and my mom is absolutely my rock.  I truly hope that someday I will be just as great of a mom as she has been to me.  That's my goal, anyway.  Speaking of mom, I truly owe her the world for setting me up with such an amazing man.  He's so sweet and gentle and caring and I truly feel that he might just be the missing piece to my puzzle of life.  Talk about finding someone when I was least expecting it -- this one takes the cake for that phrase!  For now, I'm just taking everything for what it is, good or bad.  As luck would have it, it has been mostly good in my life as of lately which is a welcomed (and much deserved) surprise!  I just hope things continue to progress in a positive tone when it comes to my personal and professional affairs. 

I don't ask for too much out of life, I work hard for everything I have and NEVER take anyone or anything for granted.  Living by these mottos has allowed me to find happiness again...something that has been missing for a long, long time.

And just because I love her so much and owe her the world...here's my rock and I this past Mother's Day.  Love you, mom!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Assholes & Onion Soup

So, I promised myself when I started this blog that I would keep negativity to a minimum and forego all ex-bashing, but ... I lied.  This one's just too good NOT to share.

Even though Bobby and I are on speaking terms (though allbeit very infrequently), we communicate out of necessity most commonly via text message.  Ahh, yes, gotta love the digital age.  Anyway, a couple weeks ago he sent me a text concerning the topic of money.  For the record, I do not receive alimony or anything of the sort from him but I do, however, want my fair share of things.  I'm not stupid, just the same as I'm not greedy - it's just fairness.  So, since I walked out with literally the clothes on my back and a few keepsakes, "we" agreed it fair if I receive half of the value of all of the furniture, belongings, etc. we purchased during the course of our 4.5 year marriage.  Fair, right?  I drew it up in the settlement and he complied.

So, he sent a text to tell me my monthly check was in the mail a bit early and post-dated for June 1st.  Excellent.  Thanks.  Then, he proceeds to tell me how his finances are going, making it seem as though these monthly checks are really putting him out, financially.  Riiiight.  I know how much money he brings in so despite me reaching through the depths of my soul, I failed to find even an ounce of sympathy for him.  Not to mention, if you knew what these monthly checks amounted to, you would NOT consider it a justifiable figure for 4.5 years I gave to him.  For sake of conversation, I'll just chalk it up as gas money, basically.

At the end of the text "conversation", he proceeds to say something to the effect of "I miss your paycheck".  Excuse me?  Thanks buddy, I miss you too.  I didn't know that in addition to my onion soup that day, apparently I had also ordered up a side of asshole. 

If you found as much comedic relief as I did in this post, you are a saint!

Amanda  xoxoxo
P.S. I look better now than I ever did when I was with him and I also bring in a better paycheck.  Eat your heart out Bobby. *winks*