Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It's a recurring topic amongst those I know and lately I've been fielding the question of "so, who are you dating?" a lot lately.  The truth is, I've been on a few dates, none very recently, but there's just no one I'm particularly interested in at the moment.  Perhaps that's due to a crazy upcoming work schedule in addition to me being neck deep (on a good day) in school work which will ultimately lead me to a Master's Degree with just one class left..woot!

I don't know.  Maybe my head just isn't in the game and maybe there's a little sliver of me just isn't ready to truly set upon the dating path.  I'm thinking it's more the first part of that hypothesis.

Anyway, so my mom (of all people) has taken it upon herself to fix me up with one of her co-workers.  I had my reservations intitially, but since have let my guard down and decided to let good ole' mom play matchmaker.  Admittedly, I'm fairly excited about it.  He has all of his 'ducks in a row' which is a plus. Ya know, financially and mentally stable, owns a home, educated, sense of humor, tall, and best of all...single.  Well, this is all according to mom who is typically a trustworthy source.  The truth is, I haven't actually spoken to him outside of the speakerphone conversation that my mom conducted with me while he was in her office...(yeah, awkward!).  She has relayed me the proverbial phone number so I guess I know what to do now...

As usual, I will report back my findings once the phone conversation(s)/date(s) are under way.  For the time being, I'm in good spirits and the fact that my own mother is also my matchmaker, is entertaining to say the least!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

PCOS Treatment and Awareness Petition

If you're reading this, please click on this link PCOS Treatment and Awareness Petition to sign your name on this petition to promote education, awareness, medical insurance coverage and proper treatment of those diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  Yours, truly is signed as number 10530.  It would mean a lot to me and the PCOS community of women if you could please take a few moments to read and sign.  Thank you very much for helping and supporting the awareness of this disorder that I and many other women suffer from! xoxo

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Numbers Game

I feel like I haven't updated my blog in forever.  I honestly don't know how people find the time to keep up sometimes when I can barely keep my head above water most of the time.  Anyhow, April has been a tough month on me.  Filled with birthdays and anniversaries and generally things that I don't care to rejoice in lately, but can't avoid thinking about either.  And, whenever you think of birthdays and anniversaries, you're generally dealing with numbers so that's what this random update is about.  So, here they are, some fun, some not so fun.  Some I can't block out or wipe away and others I eat, sleep and breathe every moment of my life...

11 - weeks left until I graduate with my Master's Degree
8  - the total number of years it will take me to complete an Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's degree
4 - years I spent serving my country in the USAF
15 - this June, marking how many years since I graduated from High School
10 - the number of both prescription medications and OTC supplements I take daily
5 - if things were different, that's how many years I'd be married as of this month
33 - how old I will be this year
40 - how old my ex husband just turned
2 - years since my ex husband and I first started "trying" to get pregnant
8 - days since he had a vasectomy and actually told me about it
2 - months I've been officially divorced
3 - months until my car is paid off!  (woot)
4 - the number of dress sizes I've lost in the past year
21 - the number of pounds I've lost in the past year
2 - the number of times I've cried in the last month
25+ - the number of times I've cried in the past year
30+ - the number of times I've been punched in the ovaries (figuratively, of course)
9 - on a scale of 1-10, 9 is how I rate my own strength
10 - years since I met my best friend
4 - number of times I saw her this month
6 - number of months I'll go before seeing her again
5 - approximate number of times I've gone on Facebook this year
2 - times per month I contemplate removing the text feature from my cell phone
2 - times per week I have a serious (and I mean SERIOUS) chocolate craving
1 - one life to live to the fullest

And I fully intend on continuing to pursue that last one!  Ok, off to bed.  I'd love to update with more but my brain is like oatmeal right now and I'm typing with one eye open.  Someday...ok, like as in 11 weeks, I'll have more time to update my randomness blog and incorporate some of my usual wit and banter, and less time investing in my silly little education.  I think 8 years of my almost 33 years of existence is ample time spent frying my brain with secondary education text book mumbo-jumbo overload.  Whattaya think? haha...